It is always chanted and chanted that money cannot be bought for money, but is it really? It is possible that the truth is somewhere in the middle because, as we know, there is never absolute justice to any of the issues.

As centuries-old beliefs show, happiness does not lie in money, but in spiritual things, if it can be said. This belief expresses that money, one cannot buy the intangible values ​​of love, respect, trust, sincerity, faith, joy, etc. True, those values ​​really cannot be bought for money.

Money cannot be bought for happiness


But in my opinion, it would be more appropriate to seek answers to this question from other questions, namely, what is happiness? Who has happiness? What is it that makes everyone happy? One thing is clear – everyone is happy with something else, so it is not right to say that money cannot be bought for happiness or that money can be bought for money. I would remind you that there is no absolute right because there are no absolutely the same people. As the saying goes, it is good for nothing. So is happiness. Each has its own.
For example, how happy are you with buying a new car or home, traveling around the world, eating at expensive restaurants, buying exclusive clothing and jewelry, and so on. action. You can buy it all for money, if it is.

Others are happy that someone at home expects them to be loved and respected, others feel happy that they can do what they like in their lives, someone feels happy when they are with their loved ones and loved ones, but someone else is happy that is free and independent of any one. They cannot be bought for money, even if they are not.
In both examples, it is evident that one makes material things happy and others intangible and intangible. Coming back to the belief that it is never absolutely right and unequivocal, and that the truth always lies somewhere in the middle, I would like you to speculate on a third view that combines both of these extreme truths.

For example, a person has a lot of money and is buying a new home. The new home establishes a family where he feels loved, respected and, consequently, happy. In this case, it can be seen that happiness is not limited to buying a new home, but brings happiness that a loved one’s family lives in. In this situation one could say that happiness for money can buy happiness.

From this point of view, it must be said that happiness does not lie in things, but in the circumstances surrounding those things.

Money is an energy

Money is an energy

When it comes to happiness and money, there is also the statement that money is an energy, or a means by which it can influence various processes to gain energy and happiness. In this case, one could say that there is a ” chain ” – no money, no energy, no happiness . For this reason, it is wrong to say that money is bad. Money in itself is neither bad nor good – good or bad is only what is achieved through it. It is good that it helps people to become happy. It is bad if it makes people unhappy.

Money can buy happiness


Finally, to answer the question of whether money can buy happiness, the last question has to be answered – can a person without money be happy? Everyone will answer this question in their own way. Someone will say – what happiness can it be when a person does not even have enough money to keep himself alive, ie, to eat, not to eat, not to get sick? Someone else will say that if one is in harmony with himself, external conditions such as lack of food, frost, and illness will not affect his happiness.

Obviously, this question will not be answered here because every person has something different to say in this matter. So let it remain, for the world would become so deadly uninteresting if people and their opinions were the same.