Towards the start of the school year, electronics stores usually offer special discounts specifically for laptops, which today are very useful during the learning process, especially in universities. While everyday life is unimaginable without computers, and most people already have their own laptops, over time, they wear out, get different technical glitches, or require a newer model to work with different computer programs.

Buying a new and good computer means at least 500 EUR

Buying a new and good computer means at least 500 EUR

Attracting customers offers opportunities to buy computers at discounted prices, as well as promotions for schoolchildren and students alike. Unfortunately, it is often the case that you get ” caught ” on different offers, which results in a significant amount of money being paid for your new computer, which is not so new after the last payment. Computers are still quite an expensive item , not everyone’s pocket, so they are often leased or borrowed.

Of course, the best way to avoid overpaying is to buy it at full price right away. However, it is not always possible to get that money right away so that you do not have to spend the rest of the month on bread and water alone, let alone other expenses. In addition, if a computer is used on a regular basis in everyday life and is indispensable, for example, for work or study purposes, the purchase of a new computer is not postponed.

As a result, consumers often tend to buy computers at bargain prices

When you see that your preferred computer costs 490 EUR, but you can also pay only 18 EUR per month, many computer buyers will opt for leasing. However, only a few people think and read that such a payment has to be made for 4 years, which is actually a very long time. If this does not make you question the profitability of your purchase, it is worth considering how much money is actually being paid for your laptop.

The math is quite simple – the full cost of a computer is 490 EUR, paying 18 EUR per month for four years pays 864 EUR! This means that EUR 374 is overpaid as a percentage. Just imagine what you could buy for this money if it was not paid for a computer that is 4 years old after the last payment, is no longer the latest model and perhaps something is no longer working as it should. The same is true for all other offers of this kind, which in fact hide high interest rates.

Of course, if you have no choice but to buy a computer this way, then you just have to

Of course, if you have no choice but to buy a computer this way, then you just have to

However, in order to avoid astronomical percentages, a comparison must be made first. Prices and interest are different for each computer seller, so if you are not willing to pay a percentage of the amount of money you would buy for another computer, then it is important to figure out which vendor to buy the computer at. It is also important to remember that the longer these payments have to be made, the more interest is paid .

Therefore, if you can afford to make a larger payment per month, you definitely need to. For example, if the same computer is leased for 490 EUR but for one year only, the monthly payment is 45 EUR. Multiplying this amount by 12 months, when such payment is due, the buyer pays a total of EUR 540, which is many times less than EUR 864! Moreover, as a result, the computer buyer overpays only 50 EUR instead of 374 EUR.

An option that you should definitely consider if you need a new computer but don’t have the money you need right away is private loans. This means that a person borrows credit elsewhere – with private creditors or at a bank. In addition, it is not always necessary to borrow the full amount needed to purchase a computer. If a person has at least half of the money they need, the other half can be taken on credit. Of course, such loans also carry interest, but it is possible to opt for more advantageous cash loans with a lower APR (annual percentage rate of charge).

If you need a small loan of up to 300 EUR then one of the options is to get a quick loan

money loan

However, as these loans have a repayment term of only 30 to 45 days, it is imperative to know that the loan will be repayable within this period. In addition, most new lenders offer most lenders with 0% cash back.

This kind of interest-free or first loan free of charge is a good deal, but then you have to pay off your fast credit within the originally set time period, otherwise you will have to pay interest, which is quite high for quick loans.

The other option is to get a consumer loan from your bank or from private lenders

The other option is to get a consumer loan from your bank or from private lenders

This type of loan offers you more money to borrow and a longer repayment period of several months. In addition, the annual interest rate is also lower.

Buying a PC at great prices, if you don’t have the money to buy it right away, is possible – the key is exploring options . In addition, computer vendors often offer really great discounts on laptops (no leasing purchase) that are beneficial to any buyer.