When the new SBS online banking launches soon, make a discovery: Wall Street is everywhere. You buy and sell whenever and wherever you want. A smartphone is enough.


The new online banking and brokerage page automatically adapts to the size of your screen. You can finally respond instantly the moment you receive important information. For example, if you get a tip on buying or selling a stock while on vacation, use your smartphone to call up your SBS brokerage and enter your order. They act directly!


Your smartphone becomes the control center

Your smartphone becomes the control center

You can access your most important tools immediately after logging into online banking. You’ll find the quick buy and sell buttons and the most important investment information buttons right on the dashboard – at first glance, without a single click:

  • Your portfolio overview with the current value of your account and profit or loss. Practical detail: A clear chart showing how your portfolio is composed of stocks, bonds, funds or other securities.
  • The button Buy and Sell offers two form fields. For example, if you want to buy a stock, enter the name, a search term, or the ISIN. With one click, you are then in the order form and buy the stock within a very short time in the depot. Practical detail: Right on the button, you can see the latest entries from your order book, so you have your latest purchases and sales immediately present.

The buttons on this home page you can push yourself up or down and thereby customize your home page. For example, you can move your custody account up to see the development of your custody account at first glance. In redesigned online banking, you are the boss!


Our tip, if you do not have a depot at the SBS:


Start your first securities deposit now with the mobile and retreaded online brokerage. Then you realize that it not only looks good, but also offers a whole range of other tangible benefits: For example, even in the evening you can buy and sell outside the normal trading hours – through the OTC trading that the SBS and its partners offer you offers. And above all, you benefit from the favorable conditions and frequent promotions that can make your investments even more lucrative.