World-class translation services.

Translate your material with confidence. Our hand-picked network of 1,200+ professional linguists - specializing in most industries and markets covering 100+ languages. Our project managers ensure fast deliveries with our tried-and-true translation process. And we guarantee accurate translations to your satisfaction - no questions asked.

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Top-quality translation determines your company's success in a global market.

To us, that means accuracy down to the letter, careful consideration of relevant cultural implications, and language that fits industry standards. No matter how lengthy, involved, or technical your text may be, our diverse team of professionals ensure the translation is executed with ease and precision. We hand-pick translators with expertise in your field and desired languages – this ensures superior quality translation suited for a global market.

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Dynamic management
produces world-class translations.

Your project is supervised from start to finish by a single point of contact who is well-versed in your company, available to answer questions, and is fully invested in the success of your translation. The project manager carefully selects and collaborates with a team of translators to confirm thorough understanding of the content, manages communication, and directs your project every step of the way.

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Streamlined, fine-tuned process ensures high quality translation.

Translate Company saves your time and energy by having an efficient, tried-and-true method for each and every translation that crosses our desk. At any point, your project manager can pinpoint exactly where in the process your materials are – giving you confidence that your translation is top priority. How else will you know that your content is effectively handled?

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Global brand integrity is determined by consistent translation.

If your company requires ongoing language services, working with multiple freelancers is inefficient and results in an incongruent brand. A better alternative is a translation partnership, wherein we strategically assemble a team of experts who know your business inside and out. Each and every time you need a translation, our team is poised to provide high-quality language services that keep your business congruent across cultures. Does your brand have a consistent voice worldwide?

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You're in good company.

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Over 80% of our first-time clients return to Translate Company for ongoing language support.

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